Ronit Cohen

Ronit Cohen

I started my journey as an independent artist in 1997 by painting on textile and wood products. I danced and led movement classes with children that combined dance and drawing. I take pictures every day. One solo exhibition is behind me, and I am working on the next one.
From 2020 I started making paper jewellery with great passion. This is how Ronit Cohen – Creativity in Expression was born.

The way things look: color, shape and composition fascinates me. Therefore, I chose to study subjects that helped me to develop the way I observe and express.

The first thing I studied after high school was graphic design. After that I went on to study art, and my field of specialization was photography.

I have a big love for photography. It is my field of art. For many years I taught photography in schools. I voluntarily facilitated social photography sessions for senior citizens using the Photovoice method, and became a mentor for new facilitators.

Dance and movement make me fly. More than once I experienced moments of grace while dancing. It usually comes together with music that makes me surrender to the dance. For years, I danced and experimented with different ways of expression in movement. When I discovered an exceptionally creative way of dancing with children, I knew that it is something I want to do.

A one-time workshop of making paper beads I offered in 2014, became my main occupation 6 years later. I love working with paper. I realised that making jewellery nourishes my love for color, form and composition, and I look at every piece of jewellery I create as a work of art.

The Wear Your Prayer workshop I designed especially for women. This is an intimate workshop to create paper jewellery and evoke awareness, focus and intention.

I was 18 when I experienced meditation for the first time. Then the seed was sown and I am walking the path of awareness and healing.

It is a pleasure to combine the things I love doing.

I was born in Ramat-Gan, and after living in Tel Aviv and Amsterdam I came back to my home town where I live with my family and Dorothy, our beautiful cat.