Ronit Cohen


Lovely Ronit

For the young at HeArt

Lovely Ronit is a brand I started in Israel in 1999 for hand painted textile and furniture.

I made drawings on T-shirts and other garments for babies, kids, and adults. I also sewed baby blankets, pillow covers and curtains on which I painted. My collection included shelves, mirror frames and stools as well.

Later on in The Netherlands I had a few collaborations with boutique children shops, for whom I painted on beds, lampshades, and highchairs. As a stationery lover I printed two sets of postcards based on my textile drawings.
You can find them here.

Dance & Movement - תנועת הדמיון

A creative movement and dance class for children ages 4-12.

In this class every dance has a theme and music that supports the different parts of it. The kids are invited and encouraged to use their imagination, to explore their range of motion and surprise themselves.

This unique kind of learning teaches the kids how to find a solution to a problem and to manifest it in movement.
Together we create a dance that combines movement, music and singing based on the ideas of the kids.

Some of the classes are enriched with additional crafts work.
This class is inspired by Dans Spetters, Maria Speth

Line Of Movement - קו תנועה

Using different languages ​​and mixing them together can be a beautiful thing. Especially when it is the language of movement and the language of drawing. Individually, in pairs or as a group we investigate the relationship between these two languages ​​on huge sheets of paper and small ones as well.

Through different thematics we explore our movement and various ways of drawing.
This class is inspired by Segni Mossi, Alessandro and Sabina.

The Dancing Letters by Marcella K. Levie

Photography, creative and graphic design

When Marcella asked me if I am willing to take photos of her dancing the Hebrew letters I loved the idea and immediately answered “Yes!”. I knew that the photo session was only the first step in this project as Marcella wanted to make a book out of these photos. During the photo shooting I already had a vision of how the book will look like, and later on on my computer I created silhouettes of the body to emphasise the form of the movement.
“The Dancing Letters” is a colourful book with images of the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet, Kabbalistic poetry and Letter-dance..
1st edition 2019
2nd edition 2023