Wearable art

Paper Jewellery

One of the things I love about paper is its versatility. I turn a 2D paper into a 3D object, it is so simple and yet exciting every time.

I make beads in the shape of cones and cylinders. To compose jewellery out of them is my favorite part. Sometimes I add paint, or beads that I find in shops I visit when I travel.

Each piece tells a story that starts in the moment of choosing the paper, choosing the colour, the size, the composition and is completed by connecting all the elements together. Sometimes the idea is clear from the start, other times it develops over time.

This art form is completely hand made with each piece being created uniquely so that no two pieces are the same. Therefore, there is no stock but only one of each. Yet, if you wish to have a special design or something that isn’t available or a custom piece, please contact me.

Creating paper beads requires great care and dedication. A jewellery created from beads that are made in this way will enhance the beauty of the wearer.

Last but not least, all the beads are well treated to tolerate water and moisture. You can wear all jewellery daily but please avoid taking a shower or a swim with it.

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