Wear Your Prayer workshop (EN)

Wear Your Prayer is an experiential workshop I designed for women. While I was working in my studio on new jewellery, a thought came up to me to create a piece of jewellery that would hold a message, that would have an additional dimension of meaning. I really liked the idea and kept rolling it (literally) until it took shape.

I believe in our ability to create our reality, and sow intentions that will help us to progress in any field we choose to focus on. To do this, we would like to turn our attention towards what we wish to realize and fulfill, to live and experience, or simply be.

In a safe space we can look inwards at ourselves, come into contact with what seeks to be revealed to us at a given moment. The content that comes up will be translated into work with paint on paper that will eventually become a piece to wear. The jewellery you make will hold and resonate the same content wherever you go.

Step by step we will walk through a fascinating and gentle journey of opening the heart, of joy and the passion of creation. We will assimilate a new intention and all we choose to empower in our lives.

What’s in the workshop?
A guided meditation
Writing and drawing
Making paper beads and jewellery

Do you like crafting? Would you like to live a fulfilling life? – This workshop is for you.
The workshop is suitable for:

  • Birthdays
  • Bachelorette party
  • Mothers and daughters
  • An intergenerational meeting of women
  • Birthday party for children age of 8 +
    (workshop adapted to the age and needs of the participants)

No prior knowledge is needed.
An intimate workshop in small groups.
The duration: 3.5 hours

Contact me here or via WhatsApp for booking a workshop